Around The Streets of Causeway Bay

There’s no doubt about it -Causeway Bay is one of the most bustling cities around Hong Kong! You can easily spend days wandering around the streets of this gorgeous city; littered with shops, restaurants, malls and parks. Hungry for a little culture? Causeway Bay is also home to one of Hong Kong’s largest public libraries; and is always jam packed with locals and tourists alike.

The other prime attraction of Causeway Bay? The infamous Times Square of course. A sight to behold, it is always a major tourist attraction that houses artisanal cafes and gorgeous nightlife scenes that are open well past midnight. Causeway Bay is also a popular spot for retail and shopping malls. Some of Hong Kong’s favorite retailers are joined hand in hand with major Japanese luxury brands in this department store haven. The square also houses items for the gadget enthusiasts; such as electronics and other devices.

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