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Potted Plants are The Best Gifts

The colour green is a natural, soft colour that soothes the eyes. It is no surprise then that looking at plants is the best way to soothe our eyes. We keep them in our environment – office, home, even in our car to enhance the surroundings. Potted plants bring a sense of life and vitality to the person we gift them to. Their green leaves and colourful flowers and patterns are symbols of the creative natural world we see around us. Live plants in the home also add a positive vibe to their surroundings – perfect for a good Fend Shui. You might be wondering where to buy potted plants in Hong Kong. Well, we have the answer! At Flower Chimp, you can find unique potted plants that are hardy and require minimal care. Read more to find out which ones to choose as gifts. 

Buy Potted Plants in Hong Kong with Flower Chimp

Before you pick up any plant to add into your gift cart, you should have an idea of how to take care of it. The best way is to do a little research on the plants. If you’re pressed for time, let us show you which one is best. Here are some varieties of potted plants that don’t need too much care and time:

  • Sago Palm – the Sago Palm is one of the slowest growing plants you can choose. Coming from a tropical to dessert-like climate, the palm requires little water and care. With a little love, it can grow large and may even outgrow its pot. 
  • Chinese Evergreen – these leafy plants come in a variety of colours including pink, green, yellow, and white variations. They are great for indoors as they can tolerate lower light environments. However, the sap from the plant can be toxic to both humans and pets.
  • Snake Plant – they tolerate low light and low water thanks to their tough, snake-like leaves. Perfect starter plants for those who have never had potted plants.
  • Cacti (Cactus) – cacti are great for those who want something alive but don’t want to take care of it. Cacti are low-maintenance and just need a few drops of water each month. That’s crazy easy to handle!

Now that you know more about some live potted plants popular in Hong Kong, go ahead and choose the one you want, add it to-cart, and complete your order by making a payment. Flower Chimp’s easy online order process along with same-day delivery options make it fun to gift potted plants to friends and family. Try it for yourself today!