January 12, 2023 5 min read

Happy Birthday Flowers


Birthdays are an everyday thing and we celebrate them every year! It’s safe to say that birthdays are a pretty big thing for certain people and getting gifts for those people can be hard. But in our line of work, flowers ALWAYS make the best gift no matter what the occasion! 

We’re not just all talk, though. We did all the legwork for you to figure out the best of the best blooms for you to choose from! From classic roses bouquets to extravagant lilies, or maybe a gift bundle of everything nice, we have it on our list. So, gone are the days of aimless scrolling on flower bouquets that soon enough look the same - continue reading and you’ll be inspired soon enough!


Gifts For Her


Women and flowers go hand in hand, we all know that. But do you know what kind of flowers you should get for your special woman? What’s her favourite colour or her favourite flower? Don’t worry if you have no clue. Our list of the best birthday blooms has everything you need to know! All you have to do is choose one and your lady will surely swoon on her birthday.




Imagine the surprise and delight on her face as she opens a sleek black box adorned with copper embellishments, revealing a stunning array of white roses, delicate champagne eustoma, cotton flowers and an assortment of other lovely blooms. This medley of all shades of white is the perfect way to create a sense of serenity and tranquility on her special day. Show her just how much you care by gifting this truly spectacular birthday present and sweeping her off her feet.


Just For You


Imagine a stunning bouquet of vibrant, freshly picked roses in soft hues. Each blossom delicately arranged to create a symphony of color that is sure to take your breath away. The bouquet is wrapped with the utmost care, encased in luxurious paper that exudes a sense of opulence and elegance. She will be sure to feel cherished and loved as they behold this gorgeous pink blooming masterpiece.


Pure Devotion


On her birthday, why not express your gratitude for all she does with a gift that embodies that very sentiment? Our Pure Devotion flower bouquet is the perfect way to do just that. Filled to the brim with stunning champagne roses and eustomas, this bouquet is a sight to behold. The delicate petals of the roses and the vibrant hues of the eustomas create a visual harmony that is sure to delight the senses.




Ensure that her special day is bursting with vibrant hues of pink and purple roses! With meticulous attention to detail, this bouquet has been expertly crafted to bring a smile to her face. Adorned in sumptuous wrapping paper, the blooms are artfully arranged in a way that will leave her feeling aesthetically delighted. Allow the beauty of these delicate flowers to transport her to a world of pure bliss and radiance, making her birthday one to truly cherish and remember.




This arrangement is a vibrant explosion of color, with delicate pastel roses and eustomas mingling with playful ping pongs and wispy baby's breath. It perfectly captures the lively and vivacious essence of the person it is intended for, making it a beautiful and fitting tribute to celebrate their special day.


Gifts For Him


This one’s for the ladies! As much as men hate to admit it themselves, they too, deserve flowers. And we’ve got exactly that! Although a bouquet of flowers is made for everyone, these blooms we suggest add a touch of class and masculinity to his birthday. 


Amber Blossom


Immerse yourself in the blissful sensation of endless summer days with our stunning Amber Blossom bouquet. Celebrate his birthday with a burst of vivacious orange blooms, symbolizing the warmth and vitality of the season. Each stem is adorned with delicate amber petals, adding a touch of magic to this already breathtaking arrangement, and the amber tones evoke memories of golden sunsets and lazy afternoons spent basking in the sun. The perfect gift for a man who appreciates the beauty of nature, our Amber Blossom bouquet will transport him to a world of endless summer bliss.


Colour Me Happy


Imagine presenting your loved one with a stunning bouquet of flowers on their special day, elegantly packaged in rich black paper. As they unveil the bouquet, they will be greeted with a beautiful medley of delicate light pink hydrangea, fiery red roses, and deep pink matthiolas. The combination of these different shades and textures will create a visual feast for the eyes and leave a lasting impression on the birthday celebrant.


Blue Sunshine


As the sun beams down upon golden fields, casting a warm and inviting glow, our Blue Sunshine flower evokes the very essence of a perfect summer's day. The striking blue petals at the center of the bloom are a stunning sight, creating a mesmerizing contrast against the vibrant yellow hues that surround it. This floral masterpiece is truly a visual delight, one that is sure to brighten any space or celebration it graces. Whether it's for a special birthday or simply to add a touch of beauty to your surroundings, our Blue Sunshine is the epitome of picturesque summer days, captivating the senses and filling the heart with joy.


Trinity Box - Champagne Sentiment


On the special day of his birthday, surprise the one you love with a lavish and extravagant gift that combines the perfect blend of romance, passion, and a touch of magic. Indulge in the timeless tradition of gifting flowers, but elevate the experience by presenting a bouquet of freshly plucked, fragrant roses. 


Azure Paradise


On his special day, let the beauty of nature speak for your feelings and express your deep passion with a striking bouquet of blue and white flowers. The enchanting blend of vibrant hues and lush greenery will instantly brighten up his day, even on the gloomiest of moments. The lively stalks of the bouquet radiate an energetic aura, making it the ideal birthday gift for a guy who needs a little pick-me-up

Picture this: A lush garden of vibrant blooms, carefully arranged gifts, and a touch of love. That's what we at Flower Chimp Hong Kong want to bring to your doorstep. With our wide selection of stunning flowers, there's no excuse not to shower your loved ones with affection. Whether it's a birthday surprise or a simple gesture of appreciation, we want to make spreading joy effortless for you, even as you stay safe at home.

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