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Orchids are beautiful plants to have both outdoor and indoor. These tropical flowers bloom all year round and are perfect for adding life and good luck to the home. Take your pick from our selection below.  

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Orchids – Nature’s Best Indoor Plant Varieties

From the jungles of Borneo to the heart of the Amazon, one plant species thrives with stunning flowers and features – orchids. Orchids are tropical species of plants that grow as epiphytes – they climb on bark, trees, and anything upright to reach the sunlight. As such, their flowers produce interesting features with vivid colours and patterns. Much of our local orchid species have been domesticated enough to be planted indoors. Here at Flower Chimp, our potted orchids are the perfect gifts to present to friends and family. They make ideal souvenirs when visiting friends and with a little care, they’ll last a long time. Ready to get one for yourself? Let us show you how.

Orchids as Gifts in Hong Kong

Orchids come in a variety of colours and textures. The most common are the Phalaenopsis species that feature tough stems and thick leaves. They produce intricate flowers (usually in purple, white, or yellow) with features that resemble insects or birds. These features are a good sign for those who practise Feng Shui. It’s no wonder why orchids are popular in local Chinese art and crafts. 

At Flower Chimp, our selection of orchids is perfect as gifts for birthdays, romance, anniversaries and more! The mini orchids at Flower Chimp come in a pot and are easy to take care of. Just water them once in 2-3 days and they’ll reward you with stunning flowers. 

How do you get them? Well, Flower Chimp offers same-day delivery on potted orchids. Simply choose the one you want and add it to-cart. Once that’s done, complete your purchase using a payment method of your choice. Select the date and time slot that is convenient for delivery. If you’re sending it as a gift to friends or family, remember to add in a sweet message of love and well wishes. Now you’re ready to get your orchids delivered.