Care Instructions

A clean affair

Clean Vase for FLowers

Upon receiving of a bouquet, your first intention will be to place it in a vase. This vase needs to be - especially the interior - not just clean, but one hundred percent pure. Only then you can make sure that those bacteria, that reduce the lifespan of the flowers, have no chance. 

A dishwasher can be of great use, but precious types of vases should always undergo a diligent wash by hand. A few drops of chlorid can come in handy during the cleaning.

One sidenote: Those who are keen on placing the flowers in a metal pot, should make use of an inlet made of glass or plastic.

Best care

Flower Nourishing Care

Special nourishing fertilizers have proven themselves useful and should not be neglected, especially in hot environments that can often be stressful for the flowers. Fertilizers further more prevent bacteria from growing in the pot or vase.

A bouquet in great shape 

Bouquet in great shape

In order to preserve the bouquets floristic design, one should in no case open the binding tape at the stalks. This tape ensures the bouquets condition and aesthetic appearance. 

Remove leaves reaching into the water and individual, overly matured blossoms. Those would otherwise increase the process of wilting.

Make a great cut

How to cut flowersBefore placing the bouquet into a vase, make sure to cut of the tips of the stalks diagonally by using a sharp knife. This allows the flowers to better absorb the water and its nutrients.

Beauty in the shadow

Place flowers in the shadow

For lasting joy it is crucial that the bouquet is placed in a suitable location. 

Direct sunlight is not ideal as flowers will evaporate more water than they can absorb via their stalks. Consequence is accelerated wilting. Draught is just as disadvantageous. Ideal is a shaded, slightly chilly spot.

A daily refreshment

Water flowers daily

Especially in hot environments on needs to pay attention to the water level of the vase. It can fall rapidly - cut flowers are really thirsty. 

If water is replaced on a daily basis, do make sure that the vase remains perfectly clean to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Fruits aren't always healthy

Dont place flowers next to fruits

Ripe fruits are a joy for a humans, however not so much for cut flowers. They diffuse ethylene, which accelerates ripening of the flowers - thus the durability of they flowers shortens a lot unfortunately.

By the way: If there is intensive smoking taking place near the flowers, this will also result in ethylene affecting the ripening of the flowers.