May 26, 2022 2 min read

From kneeling on one knee in a restaurant to spelling out “Will you marry me?” with a helicopter, you name it! Every lover has pondered over ideas on how to propose to their beloved fancy enough to express their love. Well, we’ve got some ideas for you! Hopefully, with a little push from us, you’ll find the perfect way to propose to get that yes.



Fake Art Gallery

Are photo albums too small for your memorable pictures together? Think big! Create an illusion of an art gallery by filling it with photos of your fondest memories with the love of your life, probably something that would not give away the proposal surprise. Make your way through the nostalgic show, and then pop the question at the very end! 



We wouldn't want a failed proposal, do we? Hire fake visitors and a fake camera crew to make it more believable! At least there’s someone to capture the moment you ask the question in motion. With a lot of planning and space to use, you can make this happen for your partner.

Make it extra special with a bouquet of flowers. Check out our romance flowers for a wide selection of bouquets and more. 



Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast makes everyone happy, especially when it comes with a ring on a platter. Nothing expresses love better than a home-cooked meal served while your greatest love is snuggled up in their own bed.



The most enjoyable aspect is hiding the ring beneath a dome. Invest in a food cover that is partially see-through; this will allow your significant other to admire the delectable dish you've prepared without giving away thereal prize underneath - the ring to pop the question!



Ice Cream Pint 



Adding more sweetness to your proposal - get a personalized ice cream pint for your partner! Phrases like "I love you" or "Will you marry me?" written on a package made just for them will always catch them off guard. Don’t forget to visit your local supermarket and smuggle the ice cream pint for your beloved to find when you’re shopping together! All you need is the ring and ice cream!


In a nutshell, flowers are an essential part of every proposal, regardless of the setting. By choosing the right kind of flowers, you can make the occasion even more unforgettable for the person you love. The red rose, which symbolises love and passion, is the ideal flower for an epic love story. Lucky for you, Flower Chimp has a variety of different assortments of red roses, any one of which might make your proposal stand out in a crowd. Choose any flowers that define you and your loved one now!