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Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year, First Dates, a gift for a New Mother, and even as a Just Because or Encouragement gift, it can be challenging to think of an appropriate gift suitable for the occasion. For centuries, flowers have been used as a symbol of admiration, to show love, express feelings and to connect hearts. As cliche as it sounds, fresh flowers make an undeniably wonderful surprise present for our loved ones, friends and even co-workers. Let’s find out why.

1.The Science of Receiving Flowers

    According to  Psychology Today, flowers can induce happiness by triggering our happy brain chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. 

    Flowers trigger the release of dopamine in our brain with its feel-good factor. Flowers also remind us to care for our relationships like we do for plants, releasing oxytocin, known as the “bonding hormone” to instil a feeling of trust and love. 

    Prof Loretta Graziano Breuning , the author ofHabits of a Happy Brain also shared how flowers help the release of serotonin in our brains: “Whether you grow them, buy them, or admire them from a distance, flowers can stimulate the sense of pride that your mammal brain is looking for.”

    So if you have ever received a surprise gift of flowers that has left you smiling for days, here’s why! Best of all, the same effect would apply even if you are the one gifting flowers!


    2. Say it with Flowers

    The different types of flowers and their colours actually have their own meaning. If you are struggling to send a message to your better half, sending him/her a bouquet of flowers could send a powerful message. Red roses, carnations and tulips signifies a declaration of undying devotion and love, while the simple Baby’s Breath means everlasting love and innocence. Did you know that pink roses mean admiration while yellow roses with red tip signifies friendship and falling in love? 

    Pairing certain flowers and colours together can send a different message too! Red and white roses signify unity when given together while red and yellow roses mean happiness. Find out more about the meaning of flowers  here!

    3. For the Romantic

    If your love is a romantic at heart, there are so many ways you could amplify the surprise of flower gifting! Going on a holiday? Surprise her with some fresh flowers from the local florist, delivered to the hotel! That would definitely put a big smile on her face throughout the trip. If you are planning to travel together, enjoy some savings with  these latest travel deals! 


    Celebrating a special day? Instead of just a nice meal, consider exploring the city together. Check out some lovely local activities on  Klook HK and surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! 

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    4. For the Practical 
    Romance is still alive for the significant other who prefers practical gifts. Fresh flowers make a lovely accompaniment with a gift! Imagine a surprise delivery of groceries… with a sweet bunch of flowers? These  gorgeous vase arrangements can be used as a centrepiece for the dining table at home or decor to liven up a room, and gifted with practical gifts such as beauty products, bags and accessories! Don’t forget to check out these latest deals with Zalora  promo codes!


    5. Just Because...
    A fresh flower delivery says so much, especially in times of encouragement or when there are no special reason except “Just Because”. It is a thoughtful gift that could cheer up someone’s day or send a smile on a weary day to keep them going. Never underestimate the power of a simple bouquet, it is an unexpected special gift that could go a long way!


    So, whether you are gifting your special ones with a beautiful bouquet delivery or during a dinner date, pair the flowers with a gift or send it on its own, you can be sure that it makes for a wonderful surprise that will surely make their hearts smile! 

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