November 02, 2022 3 min read

To celebrate any kind of love is to celebrate the anniversary. Different types of gifts are appropriate to give on different anniversaries because of the different significance that each year brings.

You've been searching for anniversary gifts for so long that by the time the 25th anniversary rolls around, you've run out of ideas. Since silver is the traditional and contemporary gift for a 25th anniversary, that year is also commonly referred to as the "silver anniversary."

Silver represents the brightness, glow, and value of a long-lasting union. Silver, one of the world's most precious metals, is an appropriate symbol for this significant wedding anniversary because of its historical and ongoing value. Silver, like gold, is revered in many cultures around the world. In some, it is even thought to have mystical powers.

Silver is not required, but it is a nice gesture to consider buying for an anniversary gift. We've also thought of other 25th anniversary gift ideas in case you're still considering your options.

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Music Jewelry Box

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas


Do something special for your sweetheart by giving them a musical jewellery box with their name on it on your 25th anniversary. All women could use more space to keep their jewellery. The music that plays whenever she opens the jewellery box is a thoughtful extra that will make her think of you each time she does so.

Timeless Flower Bouquet

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas


It's never a wrong decision to go back to the tradition of giving anniversary flowers on your special day. A bouquet of flowers for your loved ones is perfect for any occasion including your 25th anniversary! You can opt for the classic red roses or pick one of her favourite flowers. 

Engraved Silver Bracelet

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas


Get engraved bracelets for your 25th wedding anniversary. Giving jewellery as a present is a great way to ensure that your loved ones always have a tangible reminder of your affection for them. The bracelet can be personalised with any inscription, such as the couple's anniversary date or the wearer's or buyer's name. Adding that special touch ensures that the gift stays in the recipient's mind for a long time.

Custom Soundwave Wall Art 

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas


Personalized soundwave wall art is a great choice for a unique 25th wedding anniversary present. You can make personalised soundwave wall art by recording your voice saying a special message or playing the recipient's favourite song. The recipient can hang the resulting soundwave on the wall or use it to decorate a table with a small frame as a constant reminder of you.

Handwritten Necklace

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas


A handwritten note is a timeless and meaningful present, but a handwritten necklace takes it to the next level. For your 25th wedding anniversary, you can get a necklace made up of your exact handwriting with the words you want to say to your spouse. Your loved ones will always be reminded of you whenever they wear this thoughtful gift to everywhere.

Silver Anniversary Gift Ideas

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas
On your 25th wedding anniversary, show your love with a gift of silver. A silver jubilee, also known as a quarter-centennial anniversary, celebrates a quarter-century of existence. Many silver gifts, suitable for a 25th anniversary, can be found in the vast gift selection available online. To get your creative juices flowing, consider these options:
  • Unique Stainless Steel Watch
  • Silver-Plated Picture Frame
  • Silver Pendant Necklace
  • Custom Engraved Cuff Links
  • Silver Coffee Machine

Gift Ideas For Him On Your 25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas
  • Collectable LEGO Set
  • Sunglasses
  • Kindle
  • Beer Making Kit
  • Watch Travel Case