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January 11, 2021 4 min read

What are the most popular flowers and gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Sometimes we catch ourselves questioning as the most romantic day of the year approaches because we only have the best intentions when it comes to expressing our love to our dearly beloved. We want to shower them with love while reminding them of how close they are to our hearts. Valentine’s Day is indeed a beautiful day because it is when the whole world spends the whole day celebrating love.

One of the most common gifts on Valentine’s Day would definitely be the gift of beautiful flowers. Nothing says “I love you” like a classic bouquet of red roses right? - As this tradition began way back in time, it is still the best form of gift to this very day, but with a lot more variations!

With that being said, red roses are definitely the top choice when it comes to pampering your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Red roses symbolize love and romance. Ithas captured the minds and hearts of lovers across the globe for generations and it is the perfect way of declaring your love when words are not enough.

In this current generation, there are a lot of personal preferences when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, as it may not be as simple as it used to be. Just like the saying, “The more the better.” V'Day gifts nowadays often come with chocolates and sweet treats like cakes or macarons. Bundle gifts often make our significant other feel showered with love as well as it makes them feel extremely special to us because it shows that we take the time and effort to have it all prepared.

Finding the perfect gift for your sweet Valentine this year? Continue reading and find out the best gifts you can send to your lover this Valentine’s Day and sweep them right off their feet!

The Top Flowers and Gifts

The Best Flower Gifts For Valentine's Day


Red roses and white statice make a striking combination in this arrangement. The red roses represent your passion, real love, and desire, while the white statice shows your sincerity. This bouquet is excellent for any occasion. You don't even have to say a word to show your feelings with this present.
The Best Flower Gifts For Valentine's Day


A thoughtful gift that won't break the bank and can be given on any day of the week. Make someone's day by sending them this lovely bouquet as a thank you or to surprise your significant other on their birthday!

The Best Flower Gifts For Valentine's Day


You and your loved one can have a romantic stroll in the moonlight with this beautiful bouquet. Elegantly wrapped bouquet of 12 regal roses. Elegant and graceful, the pink rose conveys your gratitude to the recipient.


Celebrate your darling with the most exquisite blooms this Valentine's Day with our marvelous Bloom flower bouquet. Brimming with sprays of purple and pink roses  - this gorgeous arrangement is sure to light up the spark and keep the burning brighter than ever.

The Best Flower Gifts For Valentine's Day


Pretty baby's breath-embellished roses in shades of pink and champagne are the star of the show here. Your partner will appreciate the thoughtful gift, but it will serve as a nice memento of your deepest feelings as well. Expressing your love and admiration for them, while reminding them of how special they are in your opinion.

The Best Flower Gifts For Valentine's Day


In a beautiful box of roses and chocolates, a treasure trove of eternal romance, passion, and a little bit of magic is delivered to the love of your life.

The Best Flower Gifts For Valentine's Day


Our Madly In Love bouquet is brimming with red roses symbolizes your true love. Being one of the customer’s top choices, this flower arrangement will definitely bring out the brightest smile this Valentine’s Day - you can also pair it with a teddy or a box of chocolates to add that cherry on top.


Our Overload is a true stunner among our arrangements flower, this flower gift comes with 30 dashing red roses - complemented by fine baby breath (gypsophila). Elegantly wrapped, this bouquet is an all-time classic for Valentine's Day. Make the sweetest memories today with the gift of beautiful flowers!


When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, you can either go with the classics or go out of your way and send the most exquisite bouquet there is with chocolates or sweet treats. Most importantly, it is good to remember that It is the thought that counts, and no matter what you give to your significant other, it will surely express how much they mean to you.

Shop our Valentine’s Day Collection today and send your sweethearts the perfect gift! Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the brightest smile while making the most precious memories on this romantic day. Here at Flower Chimp Hong Kong, we offer nationwide delivery with every purchase and we are more than happy to deliver you blossoms on this special day.