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The birthday card, an heritage from ancient traditions

Every major tradition followed worldwide has a past. This historical past was taken and modified over time to become what it is today. In this way, the current custom of the birthday card also started out as something slightly different from what it is now. The birthday card tradition can be associated with the people of Ancient China who had a tradition of exchanging greetings cards on special days, such as the Chinese Lunar New Year. Alongside the Chinese, the Ancient Egyptians also practiced this. Their version of the birthday card tradition was to send bearings of a warm welcome via papyrus scrolls. During the first half of the 15th century, the exchange of greeting cards became immensely popular. These cards were handmade and served all sorts of purposes. Some acted as welcome cards, while others were get well soon cards. Many people also chose to give their friends a birthday card with lengthy notes on them. The birthday card was often accompanied by a small gift as a token of appreciation or a heartfelt letter.

The booming of the birthday card with the growth of the gift industry

The real boom in the birthday card market, however, came about with the invention of modern printing. The arrival of the German printing press enabled large scale production of printed items. This furthered the capacity for innovation and people ultimately decided to start making cards, such as the birthday card.

The birthday card business is largely dominated by two famous companies, Hallmark and American Greetings. They sell millions of birthday card every year, worldwide. There are also local birthday card companies. In Hong Kong, Photobook and Blue Morpho allow customizable and pre-made birthday card, sometimes offering delivery too. Flower Chimp allows customers to send a bouquet with a note attached that serves the purpose of a birthday card. Hallmark cards, too, dominate the Hong Kong birthday card trade.

There are many new and exciting options for birthday card now. The birthday card has moved beyond the realm of simply folded paper into a world of a digital birthday card and even 3-D printed birthday card! Traditional paper birthday card comes in three sizes: A2, A6, and A7.

Paradoxical trends in the birthday card consumption: the e-card vs the traditional handmade card

With the rise of modern technology came the era of e-cards. The birthday card is often designed online, or selected from ready-made templates, after which a special note is added. These e-cards are then sent directly to the email inbox of the receiver. E-card range of birthday card is a fun way of wishing someone. Imagine your friend opening their email at work so see a new message. They click on it and, voila, an adorable birthday card pops up on their computer screen! E-cards are a more eco-friendly choice for birthday card because they do not employ harmful inks and paper from endangered trees.

The flower bouquet and the birthday card, a perfect couple

The most popular form of birthday card amongst younger people is handmade ones. Nothing conveys a message of love an appreciation the way a handcrafted gift does. It is most special when the birthday card is made by a friend. A handmade birthday card is one of a kind. There is never two of the same birthday card when made by hand, which is what makes them unique and something to be cherished forever. Birthday card given by one person to another acts as a time capsule. It represents a moment where two people shared a mutual appreciation for one another and wished each other well.

Often, bouquets are selected as gifts to give alongside a fun birthday card. Flower Chimp is a very well reputed florist delivering all over Hong Kong. For an enticing bouquet, choose Flower Chimp! In fact, Flower Chimp has a special range of flower arrangements tailored specifically to suit the demand of a birthday bouquet. Choose one and deliver it with a birthday card.

All purchases at Flower Chimp will be offered a personalized card. If you do not find the right words to express your feelings, our experts will help you write your card with suggestions of customized messages for any occasion, from birthday card messages to anniversary card messages or other romantic messages. We have also personalized cards for specific achievements in one’s life, our graduation cards or inauguration cards. To cheer someone up in a difficult moment, we help you use the right words with our get well soon cards and sympathy message cards. Check flower Chimp collection of flower bouquets and arrangements for any occasionwww.flowerchimp.com.hk/.

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Flower Chimp’s birthday card is fun and original and makes for the perfect gift together with our flower bouquets, teddy bears and happy birthday balloons. All of this at the distance of one single click www.flowerchimp.com.hk/collections/birthday.

The birthday card should be exchanged with friends and family for a memorable gift to look back upon even years later.